Monday, July 3, 2017

Exploring The English Countryside

Before Bryce and the children flew to London, Gretchen and I spent a week exploring gardens in the English Countryside.  I cannot emphasize enough what a luxurious treat this was and I'm so grateful to our husbands for helping to make it happen!

This was my first trip to England and I fell hard for the countryside.  The thrown open windows (without screens!), the sheep grazing on the land, the hedges that are everywhere one looks, the gorgeous lay of the land and the appreciation for history and beauty speaks to me in a way I couldn't have anticipated.  I cannot wait to go back and explore more!

Gretchen and I were great travel companions!  We laughed till we cried, spent longer than normal rapturously talking about plants/flowers/gardens, and ate our way through every pub and/or bakery we came too!

We stayed in two different Bed and Breakfasts during our trip.  One in Kent (Rolvenden specifically) and one just outside of Winchester.  Both places were beyond charming with gracious and lovely hosts.  Plus, the breakfasts were delicious!

Gretchen was brave enough to drive, which at times seemed to be taking our life into our own hands as their hedges and lanes, barely wide enough for one car much less two, are no joke!  She did great and I took on the roll of navigator (with an actual map!).  Somehow, we managed to get everywhere we wanted to go without incident.

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  1. What a wonderful trip to do with a girlfriend!


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